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We believe in design-led property investment that provides high quality homes for our tenants and high returns for our investors.


As qualified Architects with more than 20 years combined experience working on projects both in the UK and Australia, we knew our extensive knowledge of the building industry would be an asset for a career in property.


We further supplemented this base knowledge via education from some of the industry’s leading property experts and aligned ourselves with successful property developers to mentor us.


Our network and business relationships are the most important parts of our company. We have access to a wide range of professionals and likeminded individuals within the industry and have built up a strong network of investors and contacts who are all striving towards the same goals.


We put design at the forefront of everything we do and believe that good design can save money, increase returns and create beautiful homes that do not break the bank.

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Mary has worked on a number of high-end, luxury projects including a landmark residential building for the ex-Mayor of Shanghai in the heart of Sydney. She has an exceptional eye for design and is largely responsible for the luxury and stylish interiors achieved in Elite projects. Mary also gets to share her talents as she teaches architecture and design to University students in Leeds and Manchester.
Just like Mary, Andrew has a wealth of experience across different sectors of architecture and has worked on a number of high profile projects in the UK and Australia. He loves to get stuck into the nitty-gritty stages of property, re-configuring floor plans and project managing trades on site - he’s at his happiest when he is wearing a hard hat!
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