Investing in property can often be an overwhelming activity. At Elite Dwellings we understand this and offer our knowledge and guidance to make the process simple and straightforward for you.

We give our investors the opportunity to invest in property via angel investment without the hassle of actually owning a property.


We offer returns on investments that will far exceed anything on offer by the banks. We also ensure the return of your investment within an agreed swift period.


Service and communication are paramount to us, as we want to build strong, lasting relationships with our investors. We don’t want to work with you once, we want to work with you for years to come. On this basis we offer select investors a JV partnership investment option.

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Asset Backed Investment

As investor/developers and architects we understand the industry and the property market.  We prioritise our investors needs to ensure they achieve a great return on their investment. 

// ROI - we ensure that you get a great return on your investment, that banks simply cannot provide


// ROI - we are committed to the return off your investment in the agreed time


// We always have skin in the game, meaning that we are in this together as a team.


// Property investment and development is a team effort, so let's work together to make beautiful homes!






“I have been investing with Elite since 2018,

they are very diligent and committed to providing

me with great investment returns every time.”

Lila // Angel Investor

If you are interested in investing with us

let’s have a chat to see if we have help you!

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