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Interior design inspiration can come from a multitude of sources, each offering a unique perspective and a wealth of ideas to transform interior spaces. Whether you're redecorating a single room or revamping an entire property, refurbishing a single let or redesigning a large HMO, or block of flats, tapping into diverse sources can ignite your creativity and guide you toward your ideal design. Here are some top places to find interior design inspiration:

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1. Online Platforms and Social Media

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Pinterest: A visual discovery engine, Pinterest is a great place for interior design ideas. Users can create mood boards, pinning images of furniture, colour schemes, and decor styles they love. The platform’s algorithm curates personalised recommendations based on saved pins, making it easier to find cohesive design ideas.


Instagram: Following designers, home decor brands, and DIY enthusiasts on Instagram can provide daily inspiration. Hashtags like #interiordesign, #homedecor, and #HMO #propertystylish lead to a plethora of images showcasing different styles and trends.


Houzz: This platform offers a comprehensive look at interior and exterior home design. With an extensive photo gallery, users can browse through completed projects, save their favourite images, and even shop for specific items featured in the designs.

2. Design Blogs and Websites

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Apartment Theraphy: Known for its practical tips and real-life apartment tours, Apartment Therapy provides inspiration for small spaces and budget-friendly designs. The website features before-and-after transformations, highlighting how simple changes can make a big impact.

Dezeen: Dezeen is a leading design website and magazine featuring the latest architecture, interiors, and design news. It showcases innovative projects, ground-breaking products, and insightful interviews with top designers.

Design Milk: Focusing on modern and contemporary design, Design Milk offers articles on interior design, architecture, and furniture. Their curated content showcases cutting-edge designs and innovative solutions for modern living spaces.

3. Magazines and Books

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Architectural Digest: This magazine is a staple for high-end interior design inspiration. It features luxurious homes, renowned designers, and the latest trends in the design world. Each issue provides a deep dive into exquisite interiors, offering ideas for incorporating upscale elements into your own space.

Elle Decor: With a mix of contemporary and classic styles, Elle Decor covers a broad spectrum of design inspirations. The magazine often highlights global influences, presenting a diverse array of aesthetics.

Interior Design Books: Just pop into your local Waterstones or the library, and you can find a range of interior design books focused on different spaces, themes and eras. These books can be a great resource for understanding how to create cohesive and personalised interiors.

4. Showrooms and Stores


Furniture Showrooms: Visiting local furniture showrooms can provide a tactile experience that online browsing cannot. Seeing furniture arrangements in person helps visualise how pieces might look in your space and offers a chance to test comfort and quality.

Home Decor Stores: Stores like IKEA frequently update their displays to showcase the latest trends. Walking through these stores can spark ideas for room layouts, colour schemes, and accessorising.

5. Nature and Travel

Nature: Drawing inspiration from nature can lead to serene and organic interiors. Incorporating natural elements like wood, stone, and plants can often bring a calming influence to spaces. Observing colour palettes in nature, such as the shades of a forest or a beach, can also inspire harmonious colour schemes.


Travel: Exploring different cultures and places often reveals unique design elements and styles. Whether it's the minimalism of Scandinavian interiors, the vibrant colours of African decor, or the rustic charm of an Italian villa, travel can provide a rich tapestry of ideas to incorporate into your properties.

6. Art Galleries and Museums

Art Galleries: Visiting art galleries and exhibitions can inspire colour combinations, themes, and focal points for your interiors. Art often pushes boundaries, encouraging bold and creative design choices.

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Museums: Museums, particularly those focused on history and design e.g The V&A, can offer insights into various architectural styles and decorative arts from different periods. This can help you blend historical elements with contemporary design.

By exploring these diverse sources, you can gather a wealth of inspiration to create a space that enhances the end users / tenants living environment.


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